Discovery Lab Coordinator: 
Adria Taylor - ( 

 Discovery Lab would not be possible without funding from the PTO and the wonderful parent volunteers that literally "run" the labs.  

  • Kindergartners discover their 5 "Senses" - touching, hearing, tasting (yummy Skittles), seeing and smelling. Their second lab is "Earth Materials" - rocks, water, air, and soil.
  • 1st Graders enjoy the "Sound" lab - learning about their ears and how sound is processed - along with pitch and vibration.  Their second lab involves "Magnets" - having fun with their strength as well as what they attract and repel. 
  • 2nd graders start off the year with the "Night Sky" lab - exploring the sun, moon and earth's orbit around the sun.
  • 3rd Graders learn all about "Pollution" and what it means to contaminate which ultimately leads to global warming. 
  • 4th Graders explore "Space" and why we have different seasons during the year.   
  • 5th graders discover "Animal Classification" and how all living things are classified into 5 kingdoms. 
Discovery Lab Documents can be found HERE

Discovery Lab 2016-2017      


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